About Me


My name is Laz Jefferson and I have been facilitating Rebirthing sessions since 2008 . My introduction to Breathwork was at the beginning of a weekend retreat in San Francisco. The facilitators used the technique of Holotrophic Breathwork to emotionally and energetically open us, the participants, for the 2 day process of "circling". The circling is another story but what happened for me in the breathing, changed my life forever. It was the highlight of the retreat for me and I had to find out more.

In early 2007, I joined a breathwork group facilitated by Christian de la Huerta in San Francisco and began the process of healing myself through the breath.  My experiences included healings of past traumas, connection with the divine, deeper experiences of my spirit essence, boundless joy, all-encompassing love, opening of my chakras (I didn't know this at the time) and basically an acceptance of myself that I had never experienced before. I was hooked!
During my first individual session with Christian I released a lifetime of rage. We both agreed that life would never be the same for me again. We were right.

After attending a 4 day New Years retreat with Christian, I knew it was time to begin my apprenticeship with my teacher, mentor and friend.   The apprenticeship consisted of extensive sessions with several clients as well as assisting at a variety of retreats and workshops.

In 2008 I attended a 10 day training with Leonard Orr, recognized as the "father" of Rebirthing. In 2009 I presented a seminar at the event in Northern California and have continued to participate every year as a Seminar Leader in this annual training. Each year my dedication to spiritual practices deepens and my appreciation of the power of Rebirthing expands. It has also become my annual recharge by living in nature and soaking in the natural hot springs at the training facility, Sierra Hot Springs located just north of Lake Tahoe.

Currently, I see clients for private sessions in a dedicated space in my home in Palm Springs, CA as well as facilitate workshops and retreats throughout the world.


Additionally, I am a Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science for The United Centers for Spiritual Living. The designation of Practitioner involves 3 years of study and a demonstration of an  understanding of Spiritual Principles and how to incorporate them in life.  In spiritual counseling, I assist others in seeing and experiencing their own Spiritual Truth. My work with clients include Affirmative Prayer, meditation and seeing others for the Spiritual Beings they are.

I am also a member of the Senior Leadership team for Anthony Robbins. In seminars around the world, we support the participants in transforming their lives and in choosing to live a life of passion and purpose.