Private Session

I've described most of what happens or can happen in a typical session on the Breathwork Page.   A private session is an opportunity to go into this work on a deeper level.   It is recommended that a client have 10 sessions in order to maximize the transformation of this work.   This seems to be generally accepted as an optimum quantity of sessions to begin with.   In my experience, the work builds upon itself and 10 sessions brings about incredible results - as does only one!

I have a dedicated room in my Palm Springs home for private sessions.   I can come to you, if you desire. There may be an additional fee depending upon circumstances, which we can discuss.

I also offer water rebirthing in my private pool.  After a few dry sessions, if you feel you are ready, we can do a session in the water.  You are provided with a mask and snorkle for breathing and I support your body.  The experience of weightlessness and hearing only your own breath is an amazing experience that can connect you directly to the womb.

Some of the key benefits of a private session are:

  • An open-ended discussion of your life and any changes you experience through the work
  • Unique affirmations and mantras as a result of   your session to use in your life
  • My full attention in assisting you to maintain your breath and in moving energy
  • My intention in holding space and creating an opportunity for healing and openings
  • Post-breathing discussion of what came up and how you can integrate the experience moving forward

A typical session lasts about 90 minutes of which at least an hour is dedicated to breathing.  Of course, the exact amount of time is dependent upon how long you need; I never bring your breathing to an end just because "your time is up".


Individual Sessions cost $100 and upon your first session with me, I provide you with a copy of the first major book written about Rebirthing by Leonard Orr and Sondra Rey, Rebirthing in the New World.

I offer a package price for 10 sessions at $800.  You are able to pay by credit card using the PayPal links below and I do of course accept cash and checks.


 Regular Private Session $100  (Includes a copy of Rebirthing in the New Age at 1st session)


Package of 10 Private Sessions $800