Here are some Kind Words from past clients


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Dear Laz, Your work has transformed my life.   I am more in touch with my being and essence.   You are the best breath worker that I know.  Thanks.   - C.C., San Francisco


Meeting you in Sierraville has been a life transforming experience. I will never forget that rebirthing session I had with you. You are gifted and an exceptional rebirther. May the Universe support you for ever.    -Linda Mazri - Montreal, Canada


The cycle of ten intentional sessions far exceeded my expectations. The guidance and safety Laz provided helped me to transform my attitude towards life and step forward with a new strength and sense of power. Throughout the sessions, Laz was key in holding the space for me to feel safe. I knew that I could trust him and our conversations after each session only deepened the experience.  I never would have unearthed reservoirs of healing release if Laz hadn’t been there present and supportive of me throughout all ten sessions. It has been a few months since we stopped and I miss them now. I directly relate the transformation that I went through in the rest of my life during this time with the releases and deepenings I experienced by committing to the full 10 session process with Laz, and I look forward to continuing this practice in my life for years to come. - Aletha Zsido, Oakland CA


Thank you for your amazing healing powers, voice, and connection. The earth is better for the work that you do... - Jessica Pettit, Eureka, CA

Dear Laz,  Thank you for bringing your wonderful energy into this space. And for the gift you bring as a teacher.Love and Light to you - Shelby Jorgenson, Owner Stillwater Yoga, Twain Harte

Just a testimonial that Laz is truly a loving rebirthing breath guide. It has been wonderful to see great shifts working with Laz. He is professional, insightful, intuitive and passionate about what he shares with his clients.  I felt very comfortable with the process and working with him.  I think things are divinely guided, and I'm glad I'm working with him.  I feel a shift I believe. I'm also conscious now that I'm breathing fuller and deeper but also doing better with allowing.   I slept better last night too and my mind feels clearer calmer. I highly recommend him. - Jim S, Long Beach CA

Hi Laz, I have been meaning to write. Things have much improved -- and I do have a heightened awareness about my past. So things are moving forward nicely... thanks for the awesome session.Danny